Guitar Hero getting an instrumental facelift

It’s been known for a while now that more instruments would eventually be incorporated into the Guitar Hero brand. The question is whether that means bringing drums into the mix and totally ripping off Rock Band, or creating a whole new game in the Guitar Hero universe with different toys to rock out with. The developers are currently figuring out how to move the series beyond the standard guitar and bass repertoire, as the CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick recently said, “We’ll include a lot of other instruments [and] vocals” in future installments in the franchise.

His quote leaves a lot to be desired, but I’m imagining it’s just a heads up to keep us interested for what the future may have in store. So let’s open the floor up to suggestions. Could we see a guitar/harmonica combination? What about keyboards, or god willing, cowbell!

Whatever they choose to bring to the table, it has to be better or different than what Rock Band has already done. That means maybe bringing out unique features that will get players more involved. Maybe incorporating the PLAYSTATION Eye and Xbox LIVE Vision Camera into future installments. Or user created content and mods. The possibilities, much like The Rolling Stones career, seems endless.