Motorcycles coming to Paradise

The team behind Burnout Paradise have once again graced us with wonderful news for their ever expanding racing title. The Bogart update for PS3 goes live in less than 24 hours, and Criterion have announced what is perhaps the most exciting news in Burnout history.

Motorcycles are coming to Burnout Paradise! This marks the first time motorcycles will be seen in the game. New game modes, challenges, and locations will be tailor made just for two-wheeled mayhem. That’s not all though, in the future Burnout Paradise will also feature night time driving. There won’t be as much traffic at night so you can take your time and take in all the scenery of Paradise City. I can only imagine the amazing lighting effects that will come along with this.

Now this is how you keep the customer happy. Releasing worthwhile updates that not only bring in new vehicles, but a new atmosphere as well. Criterion is really making sure that this Burnout title will have some serious miles on it before people start to move on.

All of this will be apart of the Davis update that is slated to be released sometime in August.

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