New Zeno Clash screens, community forum launches

If you cast your mind back a couple of months you’ll remember we were bowled over by a little trailer for an exciting little fledgling game that went by the name of Zeno Clash. Well, two months down the line the game is still well on course and we’ve now been treated to a few more shots from this refreshingly bizarre looking game.

Along with the new screenshots, it seems ACE Team has found that time was right to start building up a community around the game, and have taken the first step towards doing just that by launching a community forum.

Zeno Clash is set in a “punk fantasy” world and aims to create a vibrant, engaging world, and deliver a strong story – something that we can never have too much of these days. Unlike other first-person games, Zeno Clash focuses on close quarters, melee style combat. Bringing the enemy closer to home like this will certainly make the action a lot more frantic and intense.

In a recent interview with That VideoGame Blog, developer ACE Team, who honed their skills producing Xbox LIVE Arcade titles, told us that though the game is currently only on its way to PCs the fact that it’s built on Valve’s Source Engine means that Xbox 360 and PS3 ports are a foreseeable option, should the PC version do well. Which they’re confident it will.

As an indie developer without a big name publisher behind them it’s unlikely that we’ll see this game on store shelves any time soon, however ACE are taking the digital distribution route and releasing Zeno Clash, which is a first chapter of a planned many, on Steam, hopefully around September and October this year as Andres Bordeu from ACE Team today specified.

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