Next GTA may be a very tight squeeze on 360

GTA IV isn’t even out yet and Rockstar are talking about the future and what’s next for their games. Sam Houser, co-founder of Rockstar, has been speaking on the trials and tribulations on working with both consoles and how that’s going to impact future development.

Speaking to Houser commented, “One of the problems with the 360, and it affects games like Grand Theft Auto if you think about how much content we put in the actual machine, is the fact that they don’t have a significantly larger storage medium than the previous systems. It’s a slightly bigger DVD disc.”

Considering that the average DVD holds less than 10GB of storage, and coupled with the fact that some 360’s don’t have a hard drive at all, it seems there could be a whole lot of data out on the street looking for a home.

“The 360 is going to have to get ’round this issue we’re talking about…hopefully, they’re going to adopt one of those in the next year or so, because it’s going to become more of an issue. If we’re filling up the disc right now, where are we going? It’s not like our games are going to get any smaller.”

Blu-ray discs by contrast can hold up to 50GB, though even that is proving inconsiquential as Konami, in world-beating style, announced that that was barely enough for their AAA title Metal Gear Solid 4.

“Both machines are absolutely fantastic, but they both come with strengths and weaknesses. The strength of the 360 is a very, very accessible, familiar, effective environment to work in”, Houser continued “I think it [The PS3] was challenging for a lot of companies, but it’s also a machine where, now that we’ve got comfortable with it we know we can make our games.”

Houser did admit that there were slight visual differences between the two consoles, but kept his cards very close to chest as to which he himself prefered. It was announced some time ago that there would be stylistic differences between the two, with the 360 looking slightly warmer and vibrant while the PS3 was more somber and gritty. I dont know how that reflects the clientel of each console. I own a PS3 and I’m as much a spring chicken as the next jolly jack.

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