Nintendo DS – 100 million games sold in Japan

We all know the DS is big in Japan. What else is new, right? Media Create has released official to-date sales data for Nintendo’s handheld and it turns out that the DS might be even more popular than you already think it is. The system has sold 100 million copies of the 922 titles of software thus far in its lifetime which clocks in at three years and five months.

In a sort of direct comparison, the PlayStation 2 took four years and three months to hit the same numbers. Breaking down the numbers a bit further, out of the 922 titles available, 21 have sold a million or more copies. New Super Mario Bros. was the best selling game in Japan, to the tune of 5,17 million copied sold, followed closely by Brain Age 2 with 4,83 million copied sold. Other titles that have sold for a million plus are: Animal Crossing, Brain Age, Mario Kart, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, English Training DS, and Mario Party.

Another interesting thing to take note of is that the 100 million number is for Japan alone. With Japan’s population nearing the 128 million mark, that’s truly impressive. Baring a total drop off of DS software sales (which isn’t going to happen), the number of DS cartridges in Japanese homes will soon surpass the population of the entire country. And you thought Americans were hardcore gamers.