PlayStation.Blog makes a fashionably-late arrival on Facebook

In an effort to try and extend their social network, the PlayStation.Blog announced that it has created a complimentary blog account on Facebook is a “social utility that connects you to the people around you,” but is basically the user-friendly, easier on the eyes version of MySpace.

The PlayStation.Blog’s addition of a Facebook account seems a bit clichéd at this point, considering that nearly every company and their mother(‘s company) by now has made an appearance there. Nevertheless, it does provide an extra bit of information that could be useful; along with most of the information presented on the main PlayStation.Blog, and RSS feeds of recent posts, the Facebook account has up to date information on all the latest PlayStation events, and whether they will be coming to a location near you.

So if you are interested in being informed of upcoming events where you could potentially get some hands on time with upcoming PlayStation titles, head on over to the PlayStation.Blog Facebook account and sign up as a fan.