GTA IV street date broken down under

Now, I know there is quite a big time difference between Australia and the US, but I think some retailers may have jumped the gun ever so slightly by already dispatching and delivering copies of the game to consumers. The retailers, and, presumably told the mail service not to deliver until the 29th but they were probably so keen to do their job that they’ve gone right ahead and done it anyway.

Rockstar has really been hoping for a worldwide release, and they are reassuring gamers that it is only a handful of games that have escaped their almighty grasp.

You may have noticed, per chance, yesterday that the game has already been pirated and can be found on bittorrent. Whilst Rockstar has said their going to come down like a ton of bricks on people who try and play the game before the release date, these extra “legitimate” slippages are just another clump of hair for them to pull out as they wince at the news.

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