Hate watermarks? Capcom has you covered

In a move I wouldn’t have seen coming from many, many, many, many, many miles away Capcom is actually going that extra mile to please its Okami loving, but watermark hating, patrons. Via the Okami website Capcom is actually trying to make up for the whole IGN watermark showing up on their box art fiasco. And they’re doing a damn good job of it.

If you go over to that site you can order one of three box art covers – two are new, one is the old one without the watermark – for your Okami game for free. Capcom says they are doing this because they would “like the outside of the box to match the beauty contained within.” So just so we’re all caught up here: Capcom releases an amazing game that doesn’t sell well, they then release it again so more people can experience the amazing game, they then release three sets of amazing box art because of an insignificant problem that no one really cared about. I know which gaming company is getting my vote for throwing support behind their creative games this year. Oh, and for all you collectors out there you better find a way to get two more watermarked copies quickly cause you know this will be selling well some day.

What are you going to be grabbing? I’m kind of digging number one.