Plasmaworm–trippy free

The idea of playing as a worm or snake that grows as it goes or eats and dies if it hits walls, obstacles or its own tail is old news. I’ve been a fan of snake games since SNAFU on the Mattel Intelivision. But, fun as these games are, the formula has just been done to death.

Enter Plasmaworm! Created by Digital Eel, this game is admittedly a “modern relative” of Snake and TRON Light Cycles, but it has much more to offer. Other than boasting “beguiling graphics and a hypnotic soundtrack,” Plasmaworm actually has shooter elements in some of its levels and an end game boss with multi-layer destruction. Plasmaworm also includes a full suite of editors for creating your own levels and soundtracks.

Did I mention that this game is free? As of today Plasmaworm, originally released in 2001, is being offered as a free download for Windows users (sorry Mac). Digital Eel also announced two more games for free download for both Windows and Mac. First is Big Box of Blox, which they describe as “Tetris on acid.” Second is Dr. Blob’s Organism, a shooting game where you blast one-celled organisms in a Petri dish. Each idea on par for a company with a boardgame titled Eat Electric Death.

If you’re looking for some cheap fun (and what’s cheaper than free really) check out Plasmaworm and enjoy a classic snake-style game with a few new twists. All three games can be downloaded from