Square Enix announces and spoils horror game in one fell swoop

Famitsu has had the pleasure of announcing an upcoming Horror game from fantasy veterans Square Enix for the DS. The game is as of yet only announced for Japan, where it will be arriving on July 3rd.

The game is entitled Nanashi no Game or The Game with No Name and is built around an “urban legend” that those who play the game will die a week later. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m sure there was an iconic film about something similar to that?

The game at times will mimic the DS menu screen so it can trick you or scare you or something along those lines. While it would be interesting to see Enix have a go at some serious horror I cannot help but wonder outloud as to how you capture horror on a handheld.

Sure, they are trying to break the ‘fourth wall’ by using things like the device’s interface to trick you and invade your personal space. It’s profound and thought provoking when developers blur the line between the game world and the real world (something those who have completed MGS2 will testify to). But we know what they’re going to do now… so it isn’t going to be a shock, and we’ll expect it when we play. The beauty of the end of MGS2 is that you’re 10 hours in, playing with one eye open while one half of your brain is asleep when it starts to play tricks on you, and you have no idea it is coming, and that’s why it works.

Maybe they have more tricks hidden up their sleves, or maybe this game will just be resigned to the back catalog of what is becoming an armada of DS games from the company.