Xbox 360 is totally for the kids

Looking to get a head start at grooming the future hardcore gamers of the world Microsoft has partnered with Companions in Courage to bring Xbox kiosk system to select children’s hospitals. The kiosk will have select games, movies, television content, and also a private Xbox LIVE network that allows children in other hospitals across the country to chat, and play against each other.

Robbie Bach, president of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft says: “Microsoft is committed to keeping kids entertained in a variety of ways within a safer gaming environment, so partnering with Companions in Courage to offer children in hospitals a way to connect through something as universal as games is a natural fit for the work we do.”

To celebrate the generous show of goodwill, Microsoft will have a ton of events spread out a various locations such as Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian, Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center of Seattle and the Children’s Hospital of Orange County in California.

You’ve got to give Microsoft props on this one, no doubt about it. Hopefully if any of these systems gets the infamous RRoD, the turn-around time on getting a replacement system will be a lot quicker and painless than some of the horror stories we hear about on the net. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!