echochrome demo live, minds bending from coast to coast

Yes, that’s how you spell echochrome. With a lower case “e”. Interesting, no? With such blatant disregard for common English practices in the title alone, it’s no wonder the game goes on to break every law of videogaming you’ve ever known to exist. Color, for example, is strangely absent in the world of echochrome, as is fancy 3D environments and real-time light sourcing. Bump mapping, normal mapping and Unreal engines? No, no, and definitely not. echochrome is proof that all you need is a little imagination to make a stellar game that will addict players from the very start. The demo is now live and this little gem is making a big splash on the interwebs. The main premise behind the title is to manipulate your perspective in order to get your character from one point in the level to the other. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong, because there are so many styles and nuances to the gameplay that you’ll spend a good 20 minutes studying a puzzle and end up wanting to pull your hair out because the answer was so blatantly obvious. It’s a game that truly makes you think outside of your normal comfort zone, and for that I commend it.

This is not the first game that has made a name for itself with simple, yet endlessly complex gameplay mechanics. Games like Portal have paved the way for such a niche in the industry and these titles are always a welcome breathe of fresh air in a world of AAA games with multi-million dollar budgets. The echochrome demo is available right now on the PSN so be sure to check it out, and leave your own impressions below.