Faking the Band – The bizarre pack? [4/29/08]

Faking the Band is a weekly feature detailing the latest in downloadable content for Rock Band.

Let’s pretend a moment. Let’s say you’re a modern-day record executive. Nay, a record tycoon. Faced with the increasing irrelevance of physical media in this new and shiny iTunes age, you’ve got to spark a CD-buying frenzy on behalf of Bay Area band The Mother Hips. What do you do to reign in all those internet hipsters with their frightening “mp3 buffet” mentalities? Well, you’ve a couple of options here:

1) Package the CD with bonuses: special art booklets, concert tickets, coupons, maybe even a live performance DVD.
2) Offer rare, high-quality tracks exclusive to the disc.
3) Tack on to the album’s end “Zero,” a Smashing Pumpkins single from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

If that last one prompted a hearty “WTF,” then you, I and the rest of the Rock Band community have something in common.

On April 29, what I’ve dubbed the “Bizarre Pack,” a collection of two Mother Hips tracks and the aforementioned “Zero,” will hit Rock Band. It’s not officially a pack, of course. Just three singles that are being released at the same time for whatever strange and mysterious reason.

Bizarre Pack [160 MS points per song / again, not really a pack]

  • “Red Tandy” – The Mother Hips [MASTER]
  • “Time Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear” – The Mother Hips [MASTER]
  • “Zero” – The Smashing Pumpkins [MASTER]