Metal Gear Online beta gets the green light

The wait is finally over. All that time downloading and waiting pays off today – the Metal Gear Online beta is ready to consume your life. In order to start playing, you’re going to have to install another update. Don’t worry though, this one takes much less time. Afterwards, jump into line with your fingers crossed and pray you don’t the “Due to high levels of traffic, connecting to the server is very difficult at this moment in time. Please try again later.” message. But in case you do, you can always wait it out and read our recent MGO hands-on impressions to fill the time.

MGO features 16 player matches and some immense multiplayer options. Character customizations allows players to become a little more attached to their gun totting avatar, as well as the ability to upgrade your skills to cater to a specific kind of class if you so choose. This different take on multiplayer battles relies on thought and tactics rather than run and gun.

Have you been playing the beta yet? Let us know what your experiences have been like so far.

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