PS3 vs. Xbox 360: GTA IV edition

It happens with all things multi-platform so you just had to know that GTA IV was definitely not going to be an exception to the standard. Retailers in the UK are already doing their own bit of comparing and contrasting of the game and MCVUK reports that at some locations, ASDA specifically, the PS3 version of the game is outselling the 360 version 3-1.

But wait there’s more! Other retailers like HMV are reporting that they’ve seen more interest for the 360 version, and GAME is struggling to keep up with demand in general, with a spokesperson saying: “Given the demand, we are unable to guarantee customers who order a copy will receive the title on launch day.”

A lot of stores are trying to draw in customers by offering some sort of deal, mostly invovling the 360 version of the game. HMV is offering customers 1,000 free Microsoft points with a purchase but nothing has been announced for the PS3 version, outside of Sony’s bundle including the game and a 40GB PS3 with the DualShock3 rumble-enabled controller. Regardless of the differences between the platforms, GTA IV is clearly going to be a marquee title for this generation of gaming. It’s nice to see that the game is selling well on both platforms and it should come as no surprise that it will draw more and more people to purchasing consoles than any other game this year. GTA IV is set for release April 29 worldwide. That’s next Tuesday, in case you forgot.