PSP dominates Japanese hardware charts

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G continues to captivate Japan and for another week the PSP has walked all over the Japanese hardware chart. The handheld sold 85,42 units, accounting for near 50% of the total hardware sales.

Whilst hardware sales are down in general from last week, the PSP has only seen a dip of 500 – a symptom of the mania Japan is experiencing over Capcom’s latest installment in the Monster Hunter franchise. The game sold 670,000 copies on release in March, going on to move 1.5 million copies in the first week.

The Wii and DS remained solid, accounting for the vast majority of the remaining sales, moving 44,241 and 44,551 units respectively. The PS3 and PS2 both performed underwhelmingly, shifting 7,438 and 6,545 units. However it was the Xbox 360 who had the dubious honor of last place this week, barely into four figures at 1,076 units sold. Ouch.