Square Enix cites older demographic as reason for ditching DS

If you had a dollar for every time you heard the argument that Nintendo was “kiddy,” you’d probably be rich by now. Because Nintendo systems seem to sell well to a wide range of people, a lot of people consider the company kiddy based on its IPs, marketing, and overall image. At times this can drive away some customers, and in this case it appears to have driven Square Enix and Final Fantasy Crisis Core into the waiting arms of the PSP install base.

In an interview with Pocket Gamer, executive producer Yoshinori Kitase was asked why they decided to go with the PSP over the DS, considering that the latter had a larger fanbase. Yoshinori responded: “..yes, there are a lot of DSs out there – but does that mean that our products sell in relation to that? That our sales grow with how many DSs or PSPs there are out there? It’s not really the case.”

Instead he pointed to why Square Enix chose to go with the PSP saying: “..the demographic was higher teens to young adults as opposed to small children. The PSP seemed closer to that demographic than DS in general. So we feel we really made the right choice.”

So there you have it DS owners, the reason why you didn’t get Crisis Core is because demographically from a business sense you’re not mature enough to spur sales of the game, a statement which strikes me as a bit odd considering the recent release of The World Ends With You, a game heavy on mature themes and situations. But what do I know? I only write here.