Mad Catz wants you to accessorize

If you’re one of the many Wii enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the next living room phenomenon, Wii Fit, here’s something else to get excited about—accessories. Today Mad Catz, one of the leading third-party makers of videogame accessories, unveiled four new products. So, other than the initial price of Wii Fit, which of course comes with the balance board, what does Mad Catz think you should spend your hard earned dollars on?

First is a rechargeable battery pack promising 20 hours of game play from a single charge. This would be a real money saver for those planning daily Wii Fit workouts. The battery pack will charge off of the Wii’s own USB output.

The second product is a travel/storage bag for the balancing board. It’s weather resistant and has extra compartments for Wii games, wires and accessories.

Third is the Wii Fit Exercise Mat, which looks like a basic yoga mat. Designed to add stability and protection when using the board on a potentially slipper or hazardous surface, the mat is also padded and helps decrease impact during workouts.

And finally, we have a protective silicone cover to protect the board while in use.

Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz commented, “Mad Catz is delighted to further enhance this innovative release with a range of useful and eclectic accessories which we fill will prove enticing to consumers everywhere.”

Mad Catz will make all four accessible when Wii Fit launches, May 2008 in North America and April 2008 across Europe.