X-Blades proves you can fight in a thong

To tell you the truth I’ve heard almost nothing about Gaijin Entertainment’s upcoming PS3, 360 and PC game, X-Blades. In fact the only glimpse I’ve seen of it was catching the trailer at the NYCC while the fine people at the SouthPeak booth were attempting wrestle the 360 controllers from Jason and I so other people could play Roogoo. As I screamed “From my cold, dead hands!” at the poor booth woman my eyes caught some flashing swords, pretty graphics and a mostly naked woman. Needless to say I was distracted and intrigued and at that moment the controller was taken from me.

Now you too can see the partially clad warrior woman who momentarily stole me away from my precious, as we’ve just received some new screenshots from the game. Not much action at the moment but plenty of skin and buildings. As far as I can tell, you play as Ayumi (the naked girl) as she kills monsters with her swords and pistols, a concept that seems vaguely familiar. From the trailer it looks like some pretty intense hack and slash action will be going down once the game comes out. They’re going all out on the website end of things too. If we’ve got any aspiring artist reading you might want to check out their art contest.

I should also mention, as the press release made a special point of it, that the development team has added in more objects over the past few weeks. You can…uhh…break them and…ummm…things come out. Yea, that’s all I got.

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