Kojima apparently “very satisfied” with MGS4

Well this is a U-turn in opinion for the ages. In a recent interview (warning: español) with Spanish wesbite Meristation, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series has gone on record to say he is “very satisfied” with the game and that consumers will be too come June 12th.

Kojima may be doing his best to remedy recent stories which reported him saying that he felt the game was “just one step” out of the ten he and his team hoped to make. The news was taken to be Kojima’s dissaproval of the game and made alot of people start asking questions about what kind of game we could be expecting in June.

In the new interview Kojima has put his earlier grievances into context, “The media in which we have worked is the Blu-ray dual-layer” offering 50GB worth of space, this has been more than enough for other games to date, “I must say that if it had benefited from more time and space, [we] would have included a greater amount of content, such as more levels and characters.” Well ofcourse you would.

When asked whether he thinks this is best Metal Gear to date, “I think all Metal Gear have been important for one reason or another. What is certain is that Guns of the Patriots, from a technological point of view, is the most comprehensive. I am very satisfied with the final outcome of the game.”

These recent revelations have the smell of a PR breifing all over them. Though, if Kojima’s words were taken the wrong way, whether lost in translation or taken out of context, it’s just as well he’s making the effort to sort it out now. It would be a shame to see one of the most anticipated games of the year be tainted before it’s even gone to market. That said, I imagine Kojima suffers from the kind of perfectionism to be expected from creatives of his caliber.

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