Two “new” Xbox Originals available on Xbox LIVE

For those gamers out there eager to relieve the bygone days of 2005, Microsoft has released a couple more original Xbox titles on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. Both Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory are now avaiable for 1,200 points each.

Metal Arms was praised by critics as a fun, frantic and occasionally quirky shooter, but it flew under the radar of most gamers. While, I recognize that there’s some decent destructive action to be had here, I tried twice and could never really get into this one. Besides, since the 360 is backwards compatible with the original disc, 15 dollars is a bit much considering it was available for less about a month after it came out.

While Chaos Theory is also backwards compatible, it is widely regarded as the finest Splinter Cell game. I personally prefer Double Agent, but there’s no denying the absolute greatness of SC:CT’s coop missions. There’s something very satisfying about distracting a guard while you partner sneaks up on him unseen. So if you don’t own the original, and you appreciate the value of not having to pop a disc in, it’s worth the asking price.