Metroid Prime bundle on its way to Wii?

What’s that I hear? The rumor mill is once again churning and grinding the hopes of gamers as GoNintendo is reporting that a Metroid Prime bundle could be on its merry way to the Wii at some point in the near future. Allegedly a retailer stumbled across a detailing of a Metroid Prime Trilogy SKU listed for the Wii in their database. Interesting.

What could this trilogy consist of? Well, to date, not including Metroid Prime Hunters and Pinball for the DS, there have been three Metroid Prime games in the series. Two for the GameCube and one for the Wii. My guess is that they will be repackaged with flashy Wiimote motion-sensey action and shiny new box art to give those who recently got into the series on Wii a chance to see what all the fuss was about way back when.

Bearing in mind that many of the 25 million Wii owners are encountering these franchises for the first time, Nintendo might be discovering that reworking them with minor to non-existent changes is easy money. Who’s up for a new Kirby game then?