New Silent Hill: Homecoming screens hit… home

A whole new batch of screens for the upcoming Silent Hill game have landed on the interwebs and they are sure to get fans of the series even more pumped for its current-gen debut. Aside from the standard Silent Hill aesthetic of fog, blood and darkness, we might also be getting a sneak peak on some new enemy strategies such as floating right out of the ground. If that wasn’t enough to get your demon-killing gland pumping, you’ll also get to catch a glimpse of some of the supporting cast like “blonde girl” and “guy with hat on”.

All joking aside, the screens really do look nice, and there sees to be plenty of creepy Silent Hill atmosphere to keep long time fans of the series satisfied. If you’ve never played a Silent Hill game before, Homecoming might just be the one to draw you in. It seems to have the feeling of the original title, with the looks of a current-gen game, which is mighty exciting.

You can read more about the game itself on our original post. Silent Hill: Homecoming is set to drop this September on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

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