VC releases for the week of 4/28/08

Another week, another set of VC releases single VC release. If only this week’s game was so amazing that it made up for the fact that two games being released has become the norm and one game being released is a none too uncommon occurrence. If only this week’s game was some sort of classic that spawned an entire genre and many quality sequels. A game everyone has been wanting on the VC since its launch. A game still as fun to play today as it was when it first came out. Some sort of game involving ninjas, and protagonists named Billy and Jimmy Lee, one of whose girlfriend gets captured by an evil clan, let’s call them Black Warrior’s, wanting to know all of Billy’s secret kung-fu moves. This game would also have to be something genre defining, like an early beat-em up. If only that was the game Nintendo released this week I might not harbor ill feelings towards them for at least a week.

But let’s be realistic. What could that came possibly be? Ninjas, kung-fu, twin brothers, a gang leader named Willy, girlfriends! This game could not possibly exist, it would contain to much awesome for an NES cart to hold. But wait, what does this press release say? Ninjas? Check. Kung-fu? Check. Twin brothers? Check. A gang leader named Willy? Check. Could it be? Girlfriend’s being kidnapped for blackmail? Check! Double Dragon (NES, 1-2 players, Rated Everyone 10+ — Mild Violence, 500 Wii Points) has arrived.