Delaying the inevitable: SCi rejects Infogrames bid

In the ever-consolidating videogame industry, it seems that sooner or later every company will be purchased by some other company (except EA), so it really didn’t surprise anyone when rumors of yet another attempted acquisition surfaces. This time it was SCi (who recently swallowed Eidos) trying to fend off Infogrames, owners of the cursed Atari namesake.

Much like a jilted boyfriend telling all his friends that his ex-chick is nuts, Infogrames released a statement after being shot down by SCi, “Infogrames’ proposal is financially disciplined and recognises the strengths of both companies,” they explained, “Although the indicative offer is subject to standard conditions relating to due diligence, the receipt of irrevocable undertakings from certain SCi shareholders and the recommendation of the SCi Board, it is not subject to financing.”

It continues, “Infogrames has sufficient resources to satisfy the cash element of its indicative offer and has secured commitments in relation to the potential working capital requirements of the enlarged group. Importantly, Infogrames is in a position to move expeditiously with its proposal.”

Now, let me put my corporate/laymen translation hat on. Basically what Infogrames is saying is that they are going to end up buying SCi one way or the other. Yes, it’s true, this getting us just one step closer to an industry where every gaming property is owned by either Activision, EA, or Vivendi. Oh how I love the games industry…