GTA IV is here, let’s get ready to rumble

Well here we are – Grand Theft Auto IV is out and, while we don’t have any real numbers, Liberty City just got what must be a few million new inhabitants. And Microsoft is making sure no one forgets the ways those inhabitants can continue their experience by reminding them of the Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable content they’ve secured from Rockstar. A statement on as well as a mailing list sent out today reminds that the DLC is due out this Fall and promises extra missions in the form of exclusive episodes that will expand the main storyline, not dissimilar to the Half-Life 2 episodes.

Both Microsoft and Sony are banking that GTA IV is going to be a real “killer app” (rightly so in my opinion) and will be responsible for shifting a large number of consoles as late adopters finally take the plunge into the current-gen pool. In an effort to secure a larger piece of the pie (really mixing my metaphors here) Microsoft have reportedly forked out a massive $50 million for the exclusive rights to the GTA IV DLC. They hope that these extra goodies will mean most people plump for their machine rather than Sony’s.

Whether that money was well spent will only be revealed in the coming months. Expect tons of conflicting reports from both parties claiming victories of one form or another. And we can’t wait to interpret the statements and press releases that are bound to start flowing in sooner rather than later.

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