Spore Creature Creator to hit stores June 17th

Spore. It’s a name that evokes a number of emotions amongst gamers. There are those of us who are so completely drawn into the possibilities of the game that we can barely hold a thought in our head, and then there are those of us that feel nothing but intense intimidation with the sheer scale of the game itself. Regardless of which group you personally belong to, June 17th will afford you the opportunity to test the waters of the game before officially quitting your job to devote your entire life to the organisms of your own creation. On that day, EA and Maxis will be releasing the Spore Creature Creator (also available in demo form) to the masses for $9.99 (€9.99 for EU).

The Creature Creator allows those of us who want to get your hands on something Spore related the chance to spend countless hours engineering your brainchild of a life-form and working out all the kinks before you unleash them into the full retail version when it finally drops. This also gives skeptical players the opportunity to try out some of the aspects of the full game without all the intimidation of the hundreds of hours of gameplay that may lie ahead.

The legend himself, Will Wright seems very excited about giving players this opportunity, “We are thrilled to finally be putting the creative tools of Spore into the hands of players around the world,” he continues, “The amazing creations players design this summer will help populate the game universe we all enter when Spore ships this September, so in a sense, the Spore Creature Creator is the birth of Spore.”

Are you planning on checking this out? If so, we would greatly appreciate it if you sent us the most disgusting creatures your twisted minds can dream up. No, seriously… we would.