Ubisoft announces new Prince of Persia

After putting Assassin’s Creed to bed, the guys (and gal) at Ubisoft Montreal have gone back to their roots and announced the next installment in the franchise they resurrected, Prince of Persia. It’s been a good few years since the last Prince of Persia game and this one marks the franchise’s debut on the current generation of consoles. The game is expected to see release at the end of this year.

Similar to Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft are eager to increase the game’s cross-platform appeal, so expect a PC version of the game to accompany the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Alongside this, Ubisoft will also release a Prince of Persia game specifically designed for the Nintendo DS, featuring an entirely new storyline and new characters.

Except promising “a new breed of gameplay,” to “rejuvenate the action-adventure genre” and introduce “a brand-new illustrative art style,” Ubisoft isn’t too generous with the details at the moment. We won’t have to sit in the dark for long though; Edge magazine has secured an exclusive and will reveal the first details and the new look of the prince in their May 8th issue.