Get ready for more PixelJunk Monsters

If you’re a fan of that clever little chieftain and his array of futuristic defense weapons, then I’ve got great news for you. An expansion pack for the very popular PLAYSTATION Network title PixelJunk Monsters is going to be released sometime in May. Some new features that should be expected are 15 new levels on a brand new island, 5 new music tracks, and a couple inventory perks. The Ice Tower will be made available to you right from the start, and Tesla Towers don’t cost as many gems as before. This is either a response to people complaining about the difficulty, or this is Q-Games’ way of upping the ante on us.

If you’ve never played the game, PixelJunk Monsters puts you in control of a village chieftain who has to defend the citizens of his village from hordes of monsters. In order to do that, he has a number of defenses at his disposal ranging from standard arrow towers and cannons, to flame towers, or even hives of insects. Each monster has its own strengths and weaknesses to keep the tension up. You get gold and gems from the monsters you defeat, but you have to be wise on how you spend them, as your village could get wiped out if not carefully spent.

There’s a great interview on the PlayStation Blog with Dylan Cuthbert about the PixelJunk Monsters world. It should be enough to get you a little pumped up before melting your brain next month while trying to ward off glowing green spiders.