Improved Fatal Inertia comes to PSN

KOEI have released details of their new futuristic racing-with-weapons title for the PLAYSTATION Network, Fatal Inertia EX, to be released at the end of May. I say “new” but really this is a souped up version of the critcally panned Xbox LIVE game Fatal Inertia.

So why should we care about this? Lead game designer Mike Bond tries to convince us, “We’re really excited about what we’ve accomplished with Fatal Inertia EX. Gamers will be amazed by all of the improvements we’ve made.”

These improvements include 8 more tracks, making a total of 59 (wow that’s a lot), that are situated in and around the Fatal Inertia Proving Grounds, the virtual world where this all takes place. Also promised are improved weather effects and enhanced scenery, re-tuned handling and higher flight speeds, as well as DUALSHOCK 3 and SIXAXIS support, and all the usual weapons from the original.

The game will of course run in 720p, support Dolby Digital and have online multiplayer for up 8 players.

KOEI seem to have listened to the criticism of the original, and with all these improvements and a nice price there’s a good chance that this could be a fun little arcade racer, just right for some quick thrills when you have 20 minutes to spare.