Curtain closes on Gamer TV

For many, it was a beacon of light on the foggy seas of UK videogame coverage. A hark back to the golden age of GamesMaster with Patrick Moore. However, it’s all over now as British television station Bravo has said that it will be no longer reading from the gospel of its long running magazine show Gamer TV.

After being on air continuously since December 2002, IMG who own the rights to the show, have decided that it no longer forms part of their future plans, despite the series performing well on Bravo in the UK and on other channels around the world.

Though this is the first official word on the matter, fans of the show had braced themselves for the news after it was announced on the last show that it was in fact coming to an end.

Executive producer Richard Wilcox, a veteran of GamesMaster in the 90’s, commented, “It’s the end of an era but one which we’ll look back on with pride. We’ve built an audience and reputation worldwide.”

You can dry your teary eyes though, because it’s not all bad news. Bravo has announced it will be replacing Gamer TV with another show, Playr. The new show is expected to follow a similar format and also has Wilcox on board as executive producer, so we can expect something of a similar quality. The first episode airs on May the 3rd.