DS gets Drivers Ed Portable

No teacher can keep you from taking your Nintendo DS to school now. Why? Haven’t you heard? The DS is the best thing for students since the graphing calculator (which no one used for homebrew Tetris or Drug Wars of course). Not only can you train your brain, now you can study for your driving test with Drivers Ed Portable.

Toronto-based DreamCatcher have just announced the development of their edutainment software, which will be published by JoWooD this Fall.

Drivers Ed Portable is designed to help teens worldwide to prepare for the written portion of their drivers license exam (sorry no test driving while gaming). The game contains practice tests for the USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK and is even customized down to the laws for the state or province they live in. The game will feature a train mode as well as the test mode. The train mode will include three educational mini-games targeted to new drivers. The player’s progress will also be tracked, letting them know the areas they most need improvement.

Even if you don’t need to study for your license test, Drivers Ed Portable is certainly a good excuse to keep that DS is your book bag and ready for the back row in class.