Mario Kart Wii gets tournaments

A lot of people say online play is the real star in Mario Kart Wii. Now they have even more reason to believe that — for the next several weeks, Nintendo will be hosting tournaments for Mario Kart Wii. These are worldwide tournaments that will inevitably decide who is the Mario Kart master. Or more specifically, who’s the Mario Kart master with an internet connection.

To get in on the tournament, check out the Mario Kart channel every day too see if there’s one happening. You may be pleasantly or not so pleasantly surprised when you see the types of races you may have to get into. Some examples of the match setups include racing with a predetermined character on a selected course, or seeing who can collect the most coins using the Wii wheel only. Some matches may require you to use just the Wii remote. The rules can get pretty random so you never quite know what to expect. But a true Mario Kart champion wouldn’t have to worry about this now would they?

The first tournament went down Thursday which had players racing for the best time on the Mario Circuit. One of the perks were that players were able to race the circuit as many times as they wanted before the tournament ended. Their fastest time was the one that counted. So that last second blue turtle shell doesn’t mean the whole tournament has been ruined for you. Have at it folks!