New Project Origin screenshots and trailers

Developing a first-person shooter these days is a tricky business. While the genre is arguably in the midst of a golden era with an endless list of AAA titles behind and ahead of us, it takes something really unique to make a game stand out. Whether it’s world-beating franchises like Halo or the curious and ultra-minimalistic mechanics of Mirror’s Edge, developers need to do everything they can to make their product stand out from the crowd.

It’s barely been three weeks since Monolith showed us juicy visuals for their upcoming shooter Project Origin, and now they have some more on offer. The little bag of sweeties they’ve given this time includes two new trailers and a handful of screenshots, showing off the game’s environments in one and the Replica Elite Powered Armor in the other.

While both trailers look nice, the aesthetic and gameplay in the Elite Armor one is looking pretty off the production line standard. I was hoping for a little more than a destroyed city and big guns. They’re selling the game on an open and destructible environment, and if they do that exceptionally well then that could be what we’ve been asking for. However, apart from a blown up car and a crumbling building, we’re not really seeing anything all that fresh in these videos.

I’ve not given up hope yet; there is still a lot of time and a good couple of conventions between now and the Fall. And some of the action and locations we’ve seen from previous screenshots and videos show without a doubt that the game will have moments that fans of the original will love. These trailers, however, only remind me of PS3’s Killzone 2 and how cool that’s going to be.

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