Step inside Rubik’s Puzzle World, coming to Wii and DS

Publisher The Game Factory and developer Two Tribes have announced that they’ll be delivering a Rubik’s Cube based game for the Nintendo Wii and DS. Now before you wonder why anyone would by a virtual Rubik’s Cube instead of just finding a real one, you should know that the game will be taking us inside the world of the Rubik’s Cube which is evidently not made of black plastic joints. The game will be offering up a variety of different challenges and puzzles. It appears the puzzles will go beyond simply matching colors by rotating cubes and involve shape making, mazes, and other challenges, all in wonderful 3D.

I doubt this will rekindle that whole Rubik’s craze that went on in the 80’s but the DS will offer online support to connect to the Rubik’s Puzzle World community and the Wii will have multiplayer and message boards, so you can at least get a few friends together and get all cube crazy on your own time. My question is, who has solved the real Rubik’s Cube anyway? Even better, who exactly is demanding more Rubik’s Cube style puzzles? I know the one at my house has been sitting around with one yellow side since the year 2000 and that’s not going to change anytime soon… it took me a year to get that far. I mean, haven’t enough televisions been broken by Wii remotes without adding the colorful frustration of a Rubik’s Cube?

Regardless of that fact, the game will still see the light of day and if you’re that big of a puzzle maniac you can get your hands on Rubik’s Puzzle World this Fall.

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