Some Day of Crisis gameplay and plot points revealed

You’ll have to excuse me for a second as I try to shake the lead out from what has been too damn much GTA IV coverage in the whole 3 days since the game was released. Everyone take a deep, healthy breath and then exhale. Felt good didn’t it?

So in some news not related to the culture blitzing, smackdown that is Rockstar’s latest insert into their popular crime drama franchise, Famitsu has released some new info about the upcoming Nintendo-published, Monolith-developed survival horror/forces of nature game Disaster: Day of Crisis.

For starters, you’ll play as Ray who starts out with a bit of baggage. It seems his good friend and co-worker, a guy named Steve died a year prior to the events in Day of Crisis, on top of that the storyline consist of Ray trying to rescue Steve’s sister Lisa (I’ll bet you money she’s a love interest) from kidnappers. But things get a bit complicated when Mother Nature decides she wants to do her thing and starts throwing tsunamis, hurricanes, erupting volcanoes and what not into the mix. Making matters worse is the fact that there is a terrorist group trying capitalize on the planet in peril situation by threatening to set off a nuke if their demands aren’t met. So it definitely looks like you’ll have your hands full as Ray.

All this excitement will be handled by Wii remote implementation — you’ll move Ray around with the Nunchuck, the pointer will let you aim whatever respective weapon you’re equipped with, and you’ll fire with B. A thing of note is during your travels you’ll be able to help wounded people you find along the way, though it isn’t known exactly how much this will factor into the gameplay.

Famitsu points out one specific level in which you’ll use the Wii remote Mario Kart Wii style to drive a car to get away from a winding tsunami. The game is set for release in Japan in July and the rest of the world can look forward to it coming out sometime by the end of the year.