Free R-Type Command figurine

Anyone excited about R-Type Command for PSP had better get in line early or preorder. For a limited time, Atlus is going to package an R-9 figurine, courtesy of IREM, with every copy purchased from GameStop,, GameCrazy, EB Games Canada and other select retailers when the game releases on May 6.

The highly detailed collectible model comes with the R-9 Arrowhead spaceship, the definitive craft of the R-Type series since 1987, as well as the Force and two weapon orbs. The pieces can be arranged in a variety of ways as seen in the R-Type Command game.

R-Type Command is the first game of the series to deviate from its side scrolling origins. Command is a turn-based strategy game where players will take command of an entire fleet to destroy the Bydo forces. Or, in a twist, for the first time ever, players can be the Bydos themselves and crush Earth.

If you’d like to get your hands on this piece of videogame history, you’d better act fast as quantities are “very limited.”