Get your frag on with Team Fortress 2… for free!

I’m sure a lot of us have our hands full helping out Niko with all his unlawful missions, but who can pass up a free game? All this weekend, Valve is giving out Team Fortress 2 to anyone who wants to try it out. Did I mention it’s free? And it’s not only the basic TF2 experience, either. You’re getting the whole enchilada with this offer.

It comes complete with the latest TF2 add ons such as the Gold Rush map and achievements for the Medic. Of course those achievements will also unlock a new slew of weapons for the Medic.

This giveaway from Steam is definitely a great way to get newcomers a taste of what they’ve been missing in TF2. It’s for this weekend only (ends Sunday May 4th at 1:00PM PDT) so if you’re going to get in on the action, do it now. Don’t worry, Niko will be there when you get back.