Zombies invade GTA 4 multiplayer

Can we go anywhere without zombies sluggishly lugging along? Of all places for the living impaired to pop up unexpectedly, I never would have thought Liberty City would be on their list. At least there are plenty of guns to take care of them. The zombies in question are actually players in the many multiplayer game types that GTA 4 has to offer. Topics have been popping up on forums about half naked zombies walking the streets. They are however sporting some yellow Rockstar branded underwear. Beat that Calvin Kline.

It’s not too clear what you have to do, or have done to you in order to become a Rockstar zombie. Some say it’s only for players who are insanely high in rank. Like level 10 in stars. I’m sitting pretty at only two stars right now so I would imagine you’d have to play for a very very long time to reach the highest rank.

This game sure is filled to the brim with secrets and easter eggs. Now I know theres got to be more things to uncover as we investigate every nook and borough of Liberty City. In regards to zombies, have we been had? Has anyone out there been a witness to this whilst playing online? If so, let us know how you disposed of the creature. Or how it disposed of you.

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