Bourne Conspiracy demo hits Xbox LIVE

Basing games on movies is a tricky business. The news that a favourite film is going to be recreated in interactive format can raise suspicions as to whether a serious game is in development or if it’s just the merchandise machine pumping out another factory pressed, formulaic piece of software.

The problem lies in business big wigs wanting to recreate the movie experience in the safest way possible. Simply the same product in a different medium, rather than something unique that uses the universe or aesthetic of an existing film as a creative framework.

High Moon studios want to change that. They have been charged with the task of creating a videogame to sit alongside the Bourne trilogy. Rather than simply cloning the story, they have spun off the universe and are using that as a basis on which to build a unique experience that captures the essence of the Bourne universe while retaining its individuality as a standalone game.

“We’re creating a video game that is distinctly Bourne, based on a deconstruction of the character from action hero to game hero, and one that we ultimately believe gamers will discover as a distinctively original licensed action game,” said Emmanuel Valdez, chief creative officer, High Moon Studios and game director on The Bourne Conspiracy.

Eager to give gamers a taste of what they’re working on Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy demo that was scheduled to hit Xbox LIVE / PS Store on May 19 has gone live on Xbox LIVE a full two weeks ahead of schedule.

Europe will have to sit still for another week though, as the demo is only available in Australia, New Zealand, India and North America at the moment.

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