Updated / Sony showing off the big boys at PlayStation Day

Sony has begun to prove that they not only offer the best Blu-ray bang for your buck, but that the PS3 is in fact a powerful gaming platform. The PS3 struggled out of the gate, with several major delays including MGS4 to June of ’08, and several big games in the PS3 line-up, including Lair, and Heavenly Sword, turning out to be mediocre offerings. They have a lot to prove, and they’ve chosen 2008 to be the year to do it.

Sony has for months now boasted that, while their competitors ‘killer apps’ were all released in ‘07, the best year for videogames has yet to come. With games like MSG4, Resistance 2, and LittleBigPlanet, all slated for a ’08 release, and Killzone 2 to hit shelves early ’09, they may just be right. Sony has to show gamers that the PS3 needs to be their system of choice for all things ‘next-gen,’ but even with the games listed above coming out this year, that’s quite the tall order.

Today, at their PlayStation Day event in London, Sony have done a little reminding of what the PlayStation has to offer in the next twelve months. Several videos of note have been shown so far, but two that stuck out were the brief trailers for their upcoming FPS heavy hitters Killzone 2 (above), and Resistance 2 (below).

Update / Our Killzone 2 gallery has been updated with four new screenshots.