Tecmo announces Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff

Get ready for game time sports fans, Tecmo Bowl is back! After more than a decade (not counting a mobile remake of the original in 2004 and the Virtual Console release in 2007), Tecmo has announced the newest edition to their popular American football series with Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff, coming exclusively to the Nintendo DS this fall.

Those familiar with the series will see the return of non-NFL licensed goodness with over-the-top, fast-paced arcade-style action. Players will be able to choose from 32 different teams and customize their colors, emblems, player names, cities and abilities. This time around players will also have super abilities, enabling them to pull off power plays to really take over a game. Kickoff will also sport cut scenes showing off the dramatic presentation of various plays.

“We are extremely excited to bring back everyone’s favorite football game to the Nintendo DS,” said Ryan Gilbo, executive producer, Tecmo. “KICKOFF is packed with everything that fans wanted to see in this revival.”

Players will use stylus control and go Wi-Fi for multiplayer action. Add to that a customizable playbook and a rock ‘n’ roll remix soundtrack with some of the most memorable tunes in football gaming history, and Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff sounds like it’s shaping up to offer some great portable action for those who don’t want to just compare fantasy football stats.

A final bonus with Tecmo Bowl is that, unlike some other licensed games, no professional players will be harmed by the release of this game or its box art.