Get a taste of Nectar

Haze has finally emerged from under its development rock as the recently announced demo has arrived on the European PLAYSTATION Network, in line with Sony’s PlayStation Day event. Not only does the 1.5 GBish demo offer access to the single-player campaign, but also brings 4-player ‘drop-in drop-out’ cooperative play via online or LAN, as well as the option of 2-player split screen.

The demo is set in the Salva Region jungle level, which I assume, has been selected to showcase the level of environmental detail. As a press release announcing the demo puts it: “The green-orange vegetation teams with primary-coloured, unthreatening wildlife for the marines to trample all over. The sunshine beats down in comforting waves as you merrily murder your fellow man.” This statement also reveals the tongue-in-cheek humor that has become a trademark of developer Free Radical.

You may be aware that this game is eagerly awaited as it has been developed by many of the same guys who developed the legendary GoldenEye for the N64 and the critically acclaimed (and way fun) TimeSplitters series. Judging from the video (below) we can expect rock solid FPS action and the option to play the entire campaign mode with a friend, which sounds really interesting, and could change the way you approach different levels, which in turn increases the replay value.

The demo is available now in the European PLAYSTATION Network and will become available in the US tomorrow with the weekly update. Check our Haze gallery for some new screens that were released today as well.

The full game itself is due for release on May 23rd and has been rated 18+ which means there should be some wicked violence.

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