Killzone 2 now coming in ’09

Sony has just had a big day with their PlayStation Day event in Europe, with a plethora of big exclusive titles seemingly bursting at the seems with fresh images, videos and information. As with all good days, its been a great day to release bad news on.

Lets be brutally honest with ourselves for a moment – did anyone really think that we were going to see Killzone 2 this side of Christmas? At an extended press conference hosted by SCEE president David Reeves and SCE president Kaz Hirai, among a whole host of otherwise wonderful information, slipped the news that the Killzone 2 release, at least for Europe, has been pushed back into February 2009. No word as of yet whether this just applies to the EU (it was a European conference after all) or if the delay will be reflected across the board. Either way, its a slight, if not wholly unexpected dissapointment.

Sony also announced that the cute and curious LittleBigPlanet would also be delayed, but only by a month, from September into October.

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