MotorStorm 2 christened

The launch of the PlayStation 3 was a little shaky to say the least. Marquee titles such as the original MotorStorm missed their system launch window and disappointed countless fans along the way. Despite that downfall, the game launched a tad bit after the system and was welcomed with a gaming populous that was hungry for some quality PS3 content. The game sold (and is still selling) extremely well, while the graphics are still held up as perhaps the best example of the power that the PS3 contains.

Given the knowledge presented above, most anyone can see that the game would be getting a sequel, and they didn’t have to wait too long for the announcement. It was announced at last year’s Tokyo Game Show that Evolution Studios is indeed working on a sequel to their dusty racer, which was followed up with a pre-rendered teaser trailer this March. At the time, the sequel was tentatively titled MotorStorm 2. We can drop that numerical notation and go full bore with the game’s new subtitle “Pacific Rift”.

The game is said to feature twice the number of tracks as the previous offering, as well as the 4-player split-screen play that was sorely missing from the first title. Not only that, but as the trailer indicated right from the start, the game will feature an amazingly lush environment that utilizes what is being called “interactive vegetation technology”. In layman’s terms that means when you hit a tree it will probably fall.

Speaking of Fall, thats also when the game is slated to hit store shelves, so keep it locked here as we will have all the updates as the title nears release.

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