Nintendo keeping quiet on WiiWare launch titles

Looking forward to the May 12 launch of WiiWare? Having happy thoughts about all of those awesome games that are going to be available? Well Nintendo would tell you to hold your horses, as a representative of the company spoke to Game|Life’s Chris Kohler and said that it’s possible that WiiWare launch titles aren’t going to be known until the service actually launches on May 12.

That being said, some titles have already been confirmed for WiiWare launch, like Hudson’s Star Soldier R, Konami’s Critter Round-Up, and Two Tribes’ Toki Tori, but beyond that your guess is as good as the person’s standing next to you. Perhaps the WiiWare service will allow all the shovelware publishers to sell their games for what they are actually worth ($2 or $3) instead of wasting perfectly good DVD’s on titles that probably never had more than 2 people with a $50 budget working on them. I’m looking at you, Ninjabread Man.

There have been rumours that Nintendo of America is going to model WiiWare after the Virtual Console, however no details on that front either. I’m personally hoping that they mean releases every single monday vs. a one game a week schedule, but that might just be wishful thinking. Here’s hoping that we’ll have a clear picture for future releases *ahem!* LostWinds.

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