Siren Blood Curse brings episodic content to PSN

A couple of changes have been announced for Siren, the recently announced PS3-exclusive survival horror title. First off, the game will now be called Siren Blood Curse, and secondly, and probably most interestingly, Siren Blood Curse will be an episodic experience. Available from PSN, the game will be available as 12 separate downloadable episodes that Sony says will make up the scariest Siren game yet.

The episodes will make their debut this summer, in Europe at least. The only thing that is somewhat unclear is whether the entire game will be sold exclusively on PSN, or whether it will coincide with a retail release with downloadable content coming later.

Siren Blood Curse is about a village in Japan called Hanuda, where an American film crew visits to get the scoop on the legend of the Vanished Village. Needless to say, some legends are better left undisturbed as horribly scary and violent things start to happen. Armed with only your wits and a strong bladder, you have to find a way to survive these circumstances.

A cool feature in this game is called the Sight-Jack system that allows you to view the surrounding events from the eyes of your would be doom bringers. Imagine standing in a dim room and seeing your back turned from the eyes of a pickax wielding maniac. Fun huh?

This game is surely going to test the water of episodic content being a determining factor in success. From the sounds of it, the game will depend largely on how good cliffhanger moments the developers can whip up on a regular basis. No word yet on exact dates or prices, but as always we’ll keep you posted.

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