Social gaming is where SCEE is at

At Sony Europe’s PlayStation Day event, the company is reportedly taking plenty of time to inform the European gaming public of all the wonderful casual social gaming aspects of the PS3. In case you weren’t sure, ‘social games’ are games where players of all ages socialise through gaming. Supposedly wanting to further push the platform as a wonderful mecca for all sorts of gaming and entertainment, Sony gave plenty of attention to a wide variety of easy to access and play games and features. It looks like they want to show off the PS3’s appeal to all ages via its social style games and features where anyone from 5 – 500 can play in a fun and safe environment. Sound like any other systems out there to you? Yea, me too.

Still, a press release shows that the PS3 is actually offering up some really interesting features and gaming in order to appeal to this wide array of gamers. They really want you to know all about more casual games, like those which make use of the EyeToy, but they’d also like your attention drawn to echochrome, showing off the diversity of their “social gaming” line up. Sony also wants to remind us all that the PS3 is more than just a gaming machine with features like Skype, Go!Messenger, PlayTV (which allows you to turn your PS3 into a TiVo) and that victorious Blu-ray player, making it a true entertainment center.

Most interesting to me though is the Buzz! game line-up which basically turns your PS3 into a trivia game show. Buzz!: Quiz TV will allow us all to fulfill all our television game show needs this June by letting the gaming public compete across the internet via the ever interesting pass time of answering random questions. Of course, it even comes with a special buzzer packed in so that you can get that real quiz show contestant feel. My sarcasm might be overriding the fact that this actually sounds like a pretty cool idea and a much better use of the internet than, say, a feature that polls everyone on completely trivial questions. Really, has anyone even looked at the Everybody Votes Channel in the past month? Six months?

So what do you think? Can Sony successfully capture all those ‘social gamers’ out there who just want simple games where the can play with friends or do you think the big black box is too scary for children and the elderly?