Madden 09 lets you take missed Field Goals to the house

If you’re looking to get your licensed NFL football action on then EA Sports’ Madden series is where it’s at, and has been for (too many?) years. This may be in large part to EA having exclusive rights to all things concerning NFL property in games but still…

Every year brings a new Madden game, with a whole new feature. Previous versions have updated the franchise with the Hit Sick 2.0, Player Weapons and extensive franchise and player options, so of course Madden NFL 09 is bringing something new to the table right?

Since announcing that Brett Favre would be the cover athlete, EA has been a little quiet on what to expect. There was the announcement that players could choose there own TD celebrations, but beyond that, nada.

It’s with great joy then that I, as a somewhat of a Madden maniac, welcome the news that ’09 incarnation will feature the ability for teams to return other teams missed Field Goals. This could be a game changer considering that a team going for 3 points could potentially give up 7 points if their Field Goal is missed and taken back to the house.

How this will figure into the game is beyond me. Considering that in Madden you can ofter kick 60+ yard field goals in a dome, are they going to change the long range FG part of the game as well?

Time will tell, Madden NFL 09 is set for an August 12 release for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, we’ll keep you updated with all the latest here.