Protöthea this May on WiiWare

With Nintendo’s WiiWare channel going live soon for those outside of Japan (May 12 North America, May 20 Europe) it’s hard not to get excited about all the great downloadable games coming our way. One title I’m personally excited about is Protöthea, developed by Sabarasa & Digital Builders and published by Ubisoft, which they’ve announced will become available later this month.

Protöthea is a 3D remake of the 2005 top-down vertical-scrolling shooter for PC. In a single-player only campaign stretching 10 levels, players try to destroy an asteroid called “Magno 01” and bring down a political faction called “The Core.” For the WiiWare launch, Protöthea was completely rebuilt with new features, weapons and enemies.

James Regan, vice president of third party operations, Ubisoft: “Protöthea really reminds me of some of the best arcade games, with the Wii Remote as an added dimension. It’s just a flurry of fast-paced action that anyone can simply pick up and enjoy.”

The game is designed so any level of player can pick it right up using the Nunchuck to maneuver their spaceship and the Wii remote to target enemies and launch weapons. Players can choose between 8 different air-to-air weapons and 2 air-to-ground bombs. In addition, there is a special power that decelerates time, allowing players to weave in an out of enemy fire and destroy enemy crafts with ease.

One great thing about this shooter is the replay value. Enemy AI is dynamic and will actually change based on how you play the game. This makes enemy paths unpredictable and promises to make every playthrough different.

Protöthea is rated “E” for Everyone, so the whole family can see why Ubisoft themselves say is “a must-have WiiWare title.”